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Leadcamp Opportunities dashboard
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Coach your team into real superstars.

Instantly discover data-driven coaching opportunities, find out where your team needs extra attention, and quickly discover critical areas for coaching in individual performance.

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Leadcamp Opportunities dashboard

Instantly spot prospecting pitfalls.

Get a better picture of your team's prospecting activities to coach them based on true data.

  Team Average Top Performer
Total activities 341 412
Calls 34 52
Calls connected 21 43
Emails sent 210 215
Email reply % 43% 55%
Meetings accepted % 76% 81%

Get full visibility on all prospecting activities at a glance.

Forget your gut feelings and opinions. A look at Leadcamp's insights will give you a reality-based view of all your team's activities and highlight improvements and growth opportunities.

Dive into individual performance and benchmark all your teams' activities.

Each seller has their own best practices and way of working. By instantly seeing individual performance, you can break this down in true data and benchmark them against KPIs.

Detailed insights of all opportunities.

What separates wins from lost opportunities? We'll show exactly the actions your team is taking to close.

  Team Average Top Performer
Total opportunities 17 21
Total value $ 101,412 $ 186,331
Avg. deal size $ 21,521 $ 24,411
# closed 11 16
Pipeline conversion 43% 55%

When deals close, they often share a red line; we'll show you where.

You can immediately see what contributes to won and lost deals, such as how many emails, content, and meetings are needed and what lost deals are missing.

Real-time visibility allows managers to provide consistent guidance.

Effective coaching only works if you all speak the same language. Using data insights ensures that nothing falls between the cracks and that every one-on-one has a solid foundation.

Leadcamp Coach core features

How to Get Leadcamp Coach ?

Leadcamp Coach is available in our Sell subscription and parts of it are included in the Optimize subscription. Learn more.