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Actions to sell more with less effort.

Leverage AI to analyze your prospects and provide you with timely alerts and reminders, so you never have any surprises.

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Prospect Gone Silent

Engage with this high quality prospect. No engagement since 06/02/2022 and might be losing interest.

Get guidance based on true interactions.

Artificial Intelligence can help you understand what actions of your prospects are driven by intent and lead you to them.

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Done are the days of prospects without a tracked history.

Leadcamp Intent goes back in time up to 12 months to check if prospects have had previous contact with your company. This way, sellers are never in the dark when a new prospect lands on their plate from marketing.

Engage with the right prospect at the right time and with relevance.

By knowing exactly what your prospect has been looking at, you can direct the conversation accordingly and contact them when it is most relevant to them. This increases conversion by 30%.

Get automated next-best-actions when it's most needed.

Hot prospects, prospects you're nurturing who suddenly become active,... unfortunately, they are often missed. Leadcamp helps you stay informed automatically, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Help your team deliver consistently.

As you create your sales playbook, you'll find that much can be automated. We will help guide your team.

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Build a set of tasks your team should follow when things happen.

Help sellers remember some crucial basics, like setting an agenda for a meeting or following up on an opportunity when the time is right. You can automate tasks and reminders at workspace level for your entire team.

Remove painful non-selling and low value tasks.

Our platform can help your team monitor certain activities and trigger events based on them. Like setting up a well-timed call-task when an inactive prospect suddenly joins your company's webinar.

Leadcamp Guide core features

How to Get Leadcamp Guide ?

Leadcamp Guide is available in our Sell subscription and parts of it are included in the Optimize subscription. Learn more.