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All of the insights, none of the effort.

Multiple channels are automatically monitored and interactions are analyzed using machine learning. Always giving you a clear view on prospect engagement.

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The power of leveraging intent in your funnel.

No more guesswork, it's reality now.

Leadcamp Intent captures first-party engagement from your prospects and applies AI to turn them into a meaningful score.

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Engagement visiblity that is unseen in today's market.

Whether you're sharing some links or dedicated content with your prospects, Leadcamp has its own built-in library that can track everything in detail, so you can always trust the truth.

AI-generated insights drive automated next-best-actions.

The days of guessing what action to take with a prospect are over. Leadcamp automatically reminds sellers of next-best-actions, which prospects need attention and much more.

Key information always available to help you sell with intelligence.

When you start a conversation, or draft an email, Leadcamp always shows you all the information about your prospects, so you can better understand and serve them.

Talk with prospects at the right time.

You can deliver an unseen level of buying experience by having a bird's eye view.

Recommended action

Mac Stevens has exceeded the reply pace. Recommended to follow up today.

Done are the days of prospects without a tracked history.

Leadcamp Intent goes back in time up to 12 months to check if prospects have had previous contact with your company. This way, sellers are never in the dark when a new prospect lands on their plate from marketing.

Engage with the right prospect at the right time and with relevance.

By knowing exactly what your prospect has been looking at, you can direct the conversation accordingly and contact them when it is most relevant to them. This increases conversion by 30%.

Get automated next-best-actions when it's most needed.

Hot prospects, prospects you're nurturing who suddenly become active,... unfortunately, they are often missed. Leadcamp helps you stay informed automatically, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Leadcamp Intent core features

How to Get Leadcamp Intent ?

Leadcamp Intent is available in our Sell subscription and parts of it are included in the Optimize subscription. Learn more.